Friday 14 November 2014

Dee is Not Ian

I decided at the very beginning of my engagement with the Kelly world, that I was not going to expose my true identity. This was because I had been observing the goings-on for a while, and had seen quite vicious personal attacks on named individuals, both men and women, by people who seemed at times quite irrational and unbalanced. I determined that I would not expose my identity and that of my family to the possibility of  personal vilification and perhaps even personal attack by these unpleasant elements of the kelly sympathiser network, and so adopted the identity of "Dee".

As it turned out, personal abuse and threats were indeed directed at me, as Dee, and included doctored images of ugly women and pornographic pictures inscribed with named individuals which were posted to my Forum, and as if that wasn't enough, my entire Forum was sabotaged on more than one occasion.  

This bullying was  conducted in the hope that I would be silenced and go away, but it made me realise why the Myth lives on - it is protected by bullies and thugs who have no respect for the rights of others to have an alternative opinion and who attack and vilify any voice that dares oppose them.

My decision to protect myself and my family by not revealing my identity has certainly been vindicated by the events that followed, but I am sure to the kelly fanatics frustration, rather than making me go away their appalling behaviour has made me more determined to oppose them. I will not go away - there is a genuine need for other voices in the kelly conversation, not just those of the kelly fanatics.

What I am interested in are the arguments. To me what is important is not who you are but what you say and what you do, and the identity of the people who posted to my Forum or who have made comments on this Blog has never been a concern of mine. Identity has of course been a major pre-occupation of the Kelly people, and it is this interest of theirs that has prompted me to make this post.

During the course of the year Kelly fanatics have been going mad trying to work out who I am. At irregular intervals they have confidently announced on various sites that they know who I really am, and have named a variety of different people.  They never bother to admit their previous mistakes or apologise to the people they wrongly named, but they carry on with their insane "Pin the Tail on the donkey" game, blindly and stupidly outing this person and that person as Dee. I have responded on more than one occasion, because it concerns me that these named individuals are being innocently drawn into this kelly madness, but on it goes. 

Yesterday, November 13th,  there was a perfect example of what I have been saying about Kelly fanatics preoccupation not with the arguments or the truth but with identity: There was a discussion on the Facebook page of the worlds greatest kelly website about a newspaper article that had exposed the fact that Ned Kellys last words were NOT "Such is Life" . This provoked much indignant huffing and puffing from Kelly fanatics so I made a polite contribution, making the point that Ian Jones, - who had been mentioned by one of them - agreed with the people who had made that point about "Such is Life". 

Then this:
There is more to this Dee Dee than meets the eye. It is not a ‘she’, is not young and closely resembles an older, uglier and dumber Clive Palmer with the hint of an accent that is still present after about 40 years in this country.

And a bit later :
Dee Dee is Ian MacFarlane. A transvestite you may ask, but who knows with a warped and demented mind like he has. As Steve said Dee Dee is a Troll and I couldn't describe 'it' any better than that

Not much later this was posted by Mr Webb:
Dee Dee (a.k.a Ian MacFarlane) is now DDead..

And with that, my posts were deleted and I was banned from commenting!

Nothing at all about the argument. Just a direct abusive personal attack, another round of "Pin the Tail on the Donkey" - wrong again of course but facts are not important to these people - and then censorship and expulsion! As I said above the Myth lives on because it is protected by bullies and thugs who have no respect for the rights of others to have an alternative opinion and who attack and vilify any voice that dares oppose them.

What a disgrace they are!


  1. From The SBC Debate

    Bill said...
    “Anonymous, readers always prefer discussions with persons that are prepared to identify themselves. "

    Whats good for the goose………..

  2. Yes, an amazing hatefest on the Ironoutlaw FB page in the last couple of days.

    As you say, they don't know how or when to apologise.


  3. Anonymous, Bill has always put his money where his mouth is, and I admire his refusal to give in to the Kelly thugs , even though he has been the target of more abuse and invective and slander than anyone else.

    I have explained why I am not prepared to do what Bill has been brave enough to do, but in any case,whats relevant is not who I am or who Bill is but what we are saying.

    To Iron Outlaw whats important is not what is said but who is saying it, which is why a Kelly supporter who calls Police pigs and cunts gets free rein, whereas anything of mine, no matter how polite, relevant accurate necessary or appropriate gets trashed.

    What a disgrace that place is!


1. Moderation is back on. I haven’t got time to be constantly monitoring what comments are made and deleting the mindless rubbish that Kelly sympathisers have been posting lately. Please post polite sensible comments, avoid personal abuse and please use the same name whenever you Post, even if its a made-up name.