Friday 16 January 2015

Copyright in brief

Firstly, the correct spelling is COPYRIGHT - how many times do we have to point this out to the NKF Key Master?

Secondly, as I am banned from commenting on their Facebook Page, and no doubt even if I tried I would not be permitted to be a Member of the Forum itself - or would have been expelled like Bill and Carla were - I have nowhere to respond to their commentary except here.

Thirdly I want to point out that they are doing exactly what I predicted they would, attacking and abusing me rather than discussing the issue, or defending their hysterical over-reaction to that newspaper article. Apparently I am a faceless twisted gutless serial troll, and a sad excuse for a human being! But still no comment about Morrisseys PhD thesis, no news about the phantom New Years Day Benalla Races....

Lastly, the Key Master clearly doesn’t understand “Copyright”, if he writes nonsense like this “No doubt it will comment on this post on its Blog and if so a complaint will be made as it doesn’t have permission to.” He needs to better inform himself and his Members in regard to Copyright, because his example is leading them to post things like this “I don’t recall giving permission to show my statement on Dees website” .

The reality is this : copyright does not mean you can deny the right of anyone else to comment on, critique or make fun of your material, or from referring to it directly or quoting small parts of it. permission is not needed for that. What permission needs to be obtained for is use of the entire work, or substantial parts of it, particularly for commercial use . For more information go to

Instead of wasting your time complaining to blogger, why not defend your point of view, make the case for what you believe in, point out where I have got it wrong. Attack ideas, not people, which is what fanatics do.


  1. Bill Gates and Hamish17 January 2015 at 14:50

    Autocorrect is too complicated for some. You can set it to always correct to 'Copyright' even if you accidentally type in 'Copywrite".

  2. Remember “more evidence to come” and “cant divulge anything at present”? I was just wondering when the attacks on me are going to stop and the NKF are going to produce their evidence that these letters debunked Ian MacFarlanes theories, as claimed by the Neducator. Or was I right in saying Neducation is their made up word for made up history? I just hope they put it up before they become a Members Only site, as threatened by the Key Master in response to people being rude enough to read their site, because after it goes Members Only it will disappear off the face of the planet; - typical fanatic behaviour , blowing yourself up!

  3. Dee, funny how you only comment about copyright in the Ned kelly forum key masters post but nothing at all to say about what other revelations he posted about you. It seems you have quite a bit to answer to but as per usual you do your best to side step around the more serious issues of your past forums and the real truth as to why they were deleted and you being banned from starting any more and your defaming of not only him but other members of the Ned Kelly forum. Plus if you read the key masters post properly the only reason the Ned kelly forum will become member only is to stop yourself from breach of their intellectual property and copyright. You've been given the chance to become a real person using your real name but say you don't out of protection for you and your family but what are you protecting yourself from as no threats have been made apart from legal action. So really you are just being a coward troll who thinks that you are going to continue on being like this. Also I may point out that you seem to be the troll they accuse you of and by the look of this topic you have been taking the wrong advice by a certain SBC fanatic who soon will be proven to have it wrong. Take some advice and stop perpetuating lies and misinformation as you are clearly wrong and the Internet is not the be all to end all of information.

    1. NKF, your site is in terminal decline. I kind of feel sorry for the Key Master who has obviously put lots of his own time and lots of his own money into the site, and, as he says, contributed to Community endeavours, only now to see it becoming irrelevant as my Death of a Legend blog has become the only place on the internet where anything at all interesting in relation to the kelly story is taking place. There were only 6 posts to NKF in the entire month December, and this year the only new subject has been these two letters. NOBODY posts to your site anymore, except a self confessed internet bully and wrecker who has contributed nearly half of all recent posts. In the distant past there have been some seriously interesting debates and some contributions from worthwhile enthusiasts, but now they are all silent. Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why? .

      Now, to be honest, I am not trying to wreck your Forum, I am simply expressing my views about nonsense that appears on it - such as the hysterics about those letters - and about the way you run it, and in the future I will continue to, as is my right. I am not trying to wreck it but change it, as I truly do want NKF to continue and for all its members to be able to participate and for it to succeed. The more voices and opinions and ideas there are, the more interesting it all becomes so I want to give you some genuine and sincere advice, that will help you save NKF from Oblivion:

      My advice is to stop being afraid of people with views that you don’t agree with, stop trying to enforce a particular belief of your own about everything, stop being suspicious of Members and thinking that everyone is a Troll, stop attacking people and simply open up your forum to the free expression of ideas and viewpoints, allow proper debates and discussion, encourage anyone who is interested to join and make a contribution, and moderate with a concern not for ideology but for decency and truth and fair play.

      The other thing you need to do, and which will be harder than all the rest, is get rid of the bully. He is the one who is wrecking your site with his mad behaviour, driving people away and turning people off. Sensible rational people don’t want to be associated with him, they read his dreadful Facebook rants and are ashamed and embarrassed. They don’t want to go to the trouble of contributing and then find they are put down and patronised or sucked up to by an ignorant buffoon. They would rather keep their thoughts to themselves. I am telling you now, as long as you let him trample all over your Forum, the decline into irrelevancy and oblivion will continue as rapidly as it already is.

      I wish you well.

  4. There is precious little intellectual content in the Ned Kelly Forum, let alone intellectual property. Intellectual property usually means new thinking that needs attribution. NFK, especially at present, is a backwards-looking website, raking around in the past and making foolish remarks about critics (how can they be 'trolls' if they cannot post there?) . Nobody can say the 'Two Letters' thread there has provided anything new, noteworthy or remotely interesting. Bashing critics is kind of boring.

  5. Things are really hotting up on Forumjar. Some prominent Beechworth Ned people have been subject to homophobic attacks. They are ropable and want retribution. This might be one to watch.

  6. Jock, cant find anything on google Beechworth Ned link? Only found this link


1. Moderation is back on. I haven’t got time to be constantly monitoring what comments are made and deleting the mindless rubbish that Kelly sympathisers have been posting lately. Please post polite sensible comments, avoid personal abuse and please use the same name whenever you Post, even if its a made-up name.