Tuesday 14 October 2014

Site Review : Eleven Mile Creek

There seems to be a diminishing number of web sites related to Ned Kelly, and the ones that are still accessible are seeing less and less activity –  theres a limit to what anyone can say and write about one historical figure, though of course arguments can go on for ever!

One site that has certainly seen reduced activity in the last year or two is at www.elevenmilecreek.blogspot.com.au a site that I hope will continue to be available because it has an extensive archive of really interesting Posts from Sharon Hollingsworth and Dr Brian Stevenson, the two Kellyphiles that run it. I think they have written something about almost everything possible in the Kelly story, and they have commented on and provided links to many if not all of the media discussions over the last four years that were in any way related to the Kelly story. Unfortunately some of the Links are now dead – eg to old Weeklytimes articles – but the latest innovation, of having a Guest Contributor  will hopefully  revitalize the Blog  a little. Brian MacDonald’s contribution was excellent.

As you might imagine, the creators of such an interesting site,Brian and Sharon are two very interesting people. 

Firstly, I am not sure that they have ever met, as Brian lives in Queensland and Sharon, who lives in the US has never been to Australia – maybe Brian has visited her there – I am not sure - but their collaboration has been more or less entirely  “Virtual”. Secondly, though Sharon is an avowed Ned Kelly fan, and Brian is a declared “Skeptic”, they have managed to successfully collaborate and produce a wonderful blog for four years – an example of tolerance and the respect for different points of view that is sadly rare in the Kelly world. Thirdly, to my surprise they are both continuing members of the Ned Kelly Forum – though its clear prominent NKF members entertain deep suspicions  and jealousies about both of them. In fact Brian and Sharon are not “Members” of the NKF – after the most recent purge of members because of a “Security” scare – their status was downgraded to “Contributor” and they were excluded from the secret “Members” Forum. I would imagine that they think very carefully about what they post on NKF these days as the NKF leadership has proven itself in the past to be very intolerant of contrary opinions.

Brians intense interest and vast knowledge of Ned Kelly got him to the finals of the TV Quiz show The Einstein Factor in 2005, his topic being the Life and Times of Ned Kelly. He came  second – the winners topic was Dr Who. His most recent contribution was about a Sexologist! But he has written a great 3 part dissection of the book the NKF refuse to allow discussion of, the Kelly Gang Unmasked, and a review of a PhD thesis on the “Social History of Kelly Country” among many other serious and not so serious contributions.

Sharon is also an expert on Ned Kelly. Peter Fitzsimons called her the “world expert on Ned Kelly “  last year when he asked her to look at the final draft of his Kelly book, and she apparently found 25 mistakes  not identified by  the 6 Kelly experts who had already  checked it ! Recently she has written a review of the re-issue in book form of a newspaper cartoon serial, and before that of a novel in which Ned Kelly is  a Zombie Hunter. Its fun to read her review as she clearly has a great sense of humour  and enjoys writing.

So, these two unlikely collaborators have created a Blog with many very interesting Posts, all of which are out there waiting to be read and re-read. There are posts which are both “pro” and “anti” Ned Kelly and there is no vitriol or  name calling, there seems to be respect for all sides and for the Police and authority – all in all it’s a great place to browse, an almost perfect Kelly web site.


  1. Generally agree, but Shaz is a bit unpredictable sometimes. Didn't like her earlier, picky reviews which were endless lists of trivial mistakes. Much better and more interesting these days. Some of her remarks after being tackled for playing up the FitzSimons praise were of the 'stuff you' variety. I like most of her research which, from the US, is pretty darned good. She doesn't disguise being pro-Ned, and as you say is therefore a good foil to Brian.

    I hope the site gets back on track soon. 'Ned Kelly under the microscope' deserves a review right away.

  2. Thanks for the comments.

    Ive ordered the book so once I have read it I will post my review of it.

  3. A certain unfriendly person (who doesn't like you, or Sharon or Brian*) wouldn't agree with this blog. He has twice explained in detail why he doesn't like Brian (something to do with the Einstein Factor) which didn't make sense. Whatever you do, please don't write a blog about this person.

    * A short list. The full list of people he hates is longer than this blogsite.

  4. I love Eleven Mile Creek and this blog. Goodonyer!

    'Ned Kelly under the microscope' seems overpriced especially after the TV doco. There is a chapter about the trial of Ned by John Coldrey QC, who played Judge Barry in the 2000 Victorian Bar 're-trial'. ABC's Law Report said " In place of Kelly's original defence lawyer Henry Bindon (one of the most inexperienced junior barristers in the colony), we have former Commonwealth DPP Michael Rozenes QC, who argues forcefully that Ned killed Constable Lonigan in self-defence". As was pointed out in one of the comments in another blog here, the defence never raised self-defence at the original trial.

    I have a horrible premonition that the book will perpetuate many of the myths you have been pointing out this past few weeks.

    I hope I'm wrong.

  5. Mal, there are several people who don't like this Blog and have been trying to get it shut down just as they managed to do with my earlier Forum - though it was the liveliest Kelly place on the internet EVER. The kelly fanatics are blind and unpleasant bullies, they are not rational or very bright. They hate seeing this site thrive and want me to give them an excuse to complain about it. The best thing we can do about that "certain" person - whichever one it is - is ignore him. His views and tactics are actually bringing the kelly sympathisers and the NKF into disrepute, which suits me fine! Long may he continue to exhibit his idiocy and his ignorance to the world!

    As for the new book, I am really going to enjoy it I think, and if there are "issues" in it, we shall challenge them all.

  6. IT trolls are still having fun on NKF. I tried to visit yesterday to be greeted with the message "You are Banned". The glitch has been fixed, but the question is left - Why?

  7. Why indeed! They are not discussing State Secrets on NKF, but trivia like the correct spelling of someones name, so what on earth are they hoping to achieve by stopping people from reading whats on their site? Its pure paranoia I think, as per North Korea.

  8. The post by Cam and reply by Dee just proves that they are Trolls and my reply will not be posted as Dee scrutinizes all comments and only posts what she likes. She preaches free speech and is the biggest sensor of free speech on the subject of Ned Kelly there is. That is why there are no comments reposted here that do not agree with her. Who in their right mind would post here and let Dee know who they are and what their IP address is. Dee post her own ‘replies’ to try and prove people actually believe and like what she writes.

  9. The 'person' (above) is a great champion of free speech for himself. Anyone with different views is a 'troll'. With all your experience of this serial pest, Dee, you know deep down he is irreclaimable.

    You and we can't afford to go through all this again. Get rid of him. There is nothing he can contribute here.

  10. The allegations by "anonymous" are simply wrong - they are lies : I do not censor free speech , I promote and support it. It is MY forum websites that have been sabotaged and censored, not those supported by "anonymous" . Every post that has been submitted to this Blog has been published so far and I have no interest at all in peoples IP addresses or identity - those are the preoccupations of the NKF and the like, not me.

    I agree with Rod that these people are "irredeemable " ( an appropriately religious term) but I am not interested in trying to redeem them. I am interested in everyone else, people who are unsure and open-minded and who are interested in the truth about Ned Kelly rather than the fables and mistruth peddled as Australian history by the noisy kelly fanatics.

  11. You are a very dishonest person Dee. Where are all the post I have made? None listed here as this blog is being censored and no one can prove you are doing it. Whenever you get confronted with things you cannot answer you delete. You make hollow and maliciously false claims and then write your own praise under fake names. You did the same on all your other forums. You lie and twist things then will not allow anyone to show you up for what you really are, by deleting the truth which you cannot handle.

    This campaign you and your family have waged against a person who did not like your book is mind bobbling. The depths that your hatred goes, is unfathomable, all because he has exercised free speech and pointed out the truth. So much for you preaching you believe in free speech when all you do is censor, abuse and threaten (on Forum Jar) those who do not agree with your twisted views.

    Isn’t it odd how all the posters (meaning you Dee), here are all different people to make it look like you have a huge fooling. Noone posts twice. They are as real as Dee is, a man pretending to be a young girl.

  12. I repeat: EVERY comment submitted to this Blog has been published and is still there for anyone to read.

    I will certainly NOT be deleting Anonymous two posts as they prove my points about the behaviour, attitudes and paranoid preoccupations and delusions of the small noisy group of Kelly fanatics.


1. Moderation is back on. I haven’t got time to be constantly monitoring what comments are made and deleting the mindless rubbish that Kelly sympathisers have been posting lately. Please post polite sensible comments, avoid personal abuse and please use the same name whenever you Post, even if its a made-up name.